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Rubber House [ projects, , , living ]
The existing identical atrium houses from the 1970-ies were not sufficient for the new living condition of their tenants any more. A new roof with a similar system was proposed as an addition to the both houses that are attached to each other from one side in order to host these entirely different living requirements of their tenants but to maintain a common outer appeal of the volumes.

The added floor is understood as a new habitable roof with a thick skin that wraps around the living activities. The thick skin of the roof is a structure and infrastructure of the addition, but it also provides the new organization. It contains the bearing structure, the new installation but also the furniture of the new spaces: tables, wardrobes, closets, beds and the bathtubs are a part of this skin. Where the skin cantilevers the existing volume of the ground floor, it becomes the roof's cornice, protecting it from the weather.

The windows are pushed in perpendicular to the skin's volumes according to the requirements for natural light. This position of the windows enables privacy for the tenants and disables all possible views from the street or the neighboring houses.


source: commission, 2005, 2006
client: Anka Stular and Breda CinC Juhant
location: Ljubljana, Slovenia
type:addition to the existing atrium houses
facts: GF +1F, 2 x 400 m2
structure: prefab, steel and thermo insulating filling, Mechanically Fastened PVC Membrane for the roof and the facade

Elastik Team:
Mika Cimolini, Igor Kebel, Grega Pilih, Tomaz Pipan


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