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Critical Geometry Dictionary [ profile ]
Critical Geometry is a method to conceive projects in which the postulates of economy, programmes with different daily routines on the part of their various users and the material demands of the project, all bargain with each other on an equal basis.


The five virtual systems that contribute to the interactive process and solidify in the geometry of the final product usually are: technological, economical, user’s (clients), structural and locational form.

Cosmopolitan living: Target Groups (economical term) are represented by future inhabitants who share their daily experience with population of commuters, users and metropolitan businessmen, (lesson from social morphology about the population of metropolitan areas). In order to create a cosmopolitan character, we stimulate exchange between different user groups and define their shared interest. How to program, how to activate and how to control simultaneities of different population members or target groups?
The question here is how to practice urban design with architectural elements and how to design architecture with intelligence of urban regimes.

Event Platform: A participation surface, or an organization with a landscape surface, designed for proliferating and celebrating life or motion of events.

Flexible specialization: is an organization that allows the adaptability to change. Architectural products are deliberately organized to allow updating, adding and replacing. Objects are not independent elements any more, but they plug into (infra) structure. This is enabled by the design collaboration between modules and interfaces organized into particular flexibility for a specific situation.

Programmed Device: A fanciful, elaborate, or intricate geometric element designed to carry a particular organization of events or programs or flows.

Surfaced Interface: A surface at which initially independent and often unrelated systems - modules (functional elements) and interfaces (communication elements) - meet and act on or communicate with each other in an integrated state.


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