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Lara Bohinc 2nd Store in London [ projects, interior ]
The request to make a design functional for selling purposes and to create a great consumer experience - as well as having an amazing, unique and very special design was client's initial commission briefing to Elastik. This is a second shop that Elastik has designed for Lara Bohinc. The first collaboration was the show room and a temporary shop on Hoxton Street, the second shop on Sloan Street is an evolutionary step forward.

The shop design from Hoxton served as a starting point for the new shop design on Sloan Street and a continuation of the Lara Bohinc’s Secret Garden story. Both shops are conceived around a three dimensional space-forming device that works as a lighting and holding element, but also provides an interface between the shop and the user of the shop. The experience for the shopper is translated into a geometry by using the repetition of one three dimensional device, a modular wall element made from vacuum pressed Kerrock element. With the repetition of the this spatial device) element Elastik also made a unique homage to the famous partition walls by Erwin Hauer from the 60-ies.

Kerrock is a composite material whose main components are aluminium hydroxide and polymer binding substance on the base of acrylic and has a feeling similar to stone or ceramics, but can be shaped and sculpted with the same tools as wood. In this case computer made mould was used for vacuum shaping of the 3D element (device). Combination of this material with black and gold color, maybe an unusual decision for the small space, provided an extremely luxurious touch and feel of the shop. The idea was not only to hint to luxury, ancient cultures and hidden treasures but also to create an unusual space without shadows. The only shadow is the one of the items displayed on shelves, vitrines and the jewellery table. This enables all the shiny jewellery items to stand out in a glamorous way.

The unusual shape that the shopper maybe doesn’t’ grasp instantly and a combination of a modest traditional black restored Victorian fašade works complementary to provide an instant identification and experience for the shopper.

Dezeen Bright urban.si De Architect Frame Magazine Metropolis magazine

source: commission, 2007-08
client: Lara Bohinc International
location: 149F Sloane Street, (entrance on Sloane Terrace),
London SW1X 9BZ, United Kingdom
type:lifestyle and fine jewellery store
facts: 20m2
structure: vacume pressed kerrock

Elastik Team:
Mika Cimolini, Igor Kebel, with assistance of Tomaz Pipan

Photography by Bogdan Zupan



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