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ROG [ projects, , public, urban ]
A public-private partnership for the refurbishment and extension of the abandoned, yet monumentally protected, ROG Factory is proposed for the renewal of the fading urban block in Ljubljana. A shared courtyard above the three layers of an underground parking, surrounded with new building block and equipped with publicly accessible programs, is proposed for the urban renewal of the urban block.

All the pedestrian passages over the area meet in the central courtyard, which is surrounded with four new urban programs:

a. The existing Rog Factory is extended with the spiraling ramp into the new extension of the contemporary art and design museum. The routing of the connection is organizing events and collections of the old and the new block. The expo hall on the grand floor is open for the all the courtyard users.
b. The new Hotel is located into the newly defined urban corner, with the combination of the staying or living for longer period in the hotel. All the restaurants, bars and lounges are permeably connecting the external streets with the inner courtyard.
c. A compact housing block is defined with the explicit use of the outdoor spaces, i.e. terraces and loggias for each unit, while offering the green playground on the roof of the support and services towards the courtyard’s ground floor.
d. A flexible living-working tower of 12 floors is proposed for the 2nd phase of the development. Demand-driven additional services would be filling the ground level.

A very high degree of permeability, which is enabled with 5 main pedestrian entrances into the housing block are characteristic for the urban organization. The traditionally shady courtyard is now enlarged and programmed for the lively sharing principle between the public and private parties.


Project data
source: competition, 2008
client: City of Ljubljana
location: Ljubljana, Slovenia
type: urban refurbishment and extension of an urban block with the Center of Contemporary art, new Hotel, Apartments and Offices
facts: total floor area - 45.000 m2


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