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SoundGarden Awarded [ news, , living ]
Elastik's SoundGarden project, designed together with MAT Studio, for the anniversary edition of Europan 10 competition, won a special mention award. This innovative study deals with the development of new- or redevelopment of existing housing in sound-polluted areas.

The larger redevelopment of the Belvedere Maastricht area is providing the main framework for this project. The speculative relocation of the main ring road, running along the project location, is currently creating a sound nuisance obstacle for the development of the housing quarter.
Elastik, together with MAT Studio, developed a flexible spatial system, which allows end-users not only to inhabit the sound-polluted zone along the highway, but also to customize in time and according to their intrinsic preferences. The sound barrier becomes inhabited and after the removal of the road gradually the additional living can take place there.

According to the jury:

Plan Description
(…) The Soundgarden is a flexible, modular, sound-deadening construction that is slotted in - in front of the facade - along Frontensingel. In the present situation, with all the traffic, its use will be confined to small offices, a winter garden or for extra storage. Once Frontensingel becomes a quiet street, it can be turned into housing. A system of small public and private enclaves in the densely-built structure provide a variation in enclosed open spaces. Each of the four blocks in the study area has a distinctive character. With Block 11 this is determined by retaining the historical character. (…)

Jury Assessment
(…) For the most pressing problem, the traffic noise from Frontensingel, Soundgarden proposes an intelligent and well-considered solution that will retain its value once the street is relocated in a number of years’ time. Thanks to the system of modular facade elements, not only can the building be adapted to a situation in which there is no more traffic noise, but also to the way in which the residents wish to use the space behind the facade. (…)


Elastik in collaboration with MAT Studio
Elastik Team:
Igor Kebel, Mika Cimolini

MAT Studio
Eriko Watanabe

source: competition, 2010
client: BPF Bouwinvest
location: Maastricht, The Netherlands
facts: 5F of conversion and new extension, GF + 4 floors, Housing, 9.400 m2
structure: reinforced composite, steel frame, brickwork, glass


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