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The Carlsberg Cloud [ projects, commerce, interior ]
Carlsberg Group (4th largest brewery group in the world) relocated in 2008 its original industrial facilities away from Copenhagen. As a result, beautiful, listed buildings on several hectares are left behind, and one of them is aimed to create a world-class attraction with a broad appeal to visitors who wish to be challenged, engaged and entertained by one of the world's strongest brands.
The main focus was on the transformation on the Brewhouse and the Elephant Gate but it was also to describe how Carlsberg Group could re-enforce, strengthen and further develop its presence in the Carlsberg site.
Our shorlisted team collaborated with Day and Ijsfontein (both Amsterdam based), and developed a proposal called Carlsberg Cloud, which is conceived as an open house for the Carlsbergers, neighbors, Copenhageners and tourists. Carlsberg Cloud is an integration package between the online interactive application and the offline modular, second skin, built into the existing building. The Cloud channels, finances and facilitates the crowd-sourced, curated content.
The basis of the Experience and all Icon based exhibitions will concentrate around a curated display of Carlsberg marketing, and related charities focused around the analyzed thematical clusters science & innovation, art & design, sport & leisure.

The renovation and modernization of the existing Brewery house, a monumentally protected industrial building, is a challenge in terms of how to both respect the monument and upgrade it for its new use at the same time. Our proposal is based on a technologically, but also environmentally and economically sound proposal that we call - the Smart Skin. The proposal is based on the implementation of a second skin that is rich in use and design, materially and technologically advanced, integrates function and form. The east and west wings of the Brewery house will be refurbished using the Smart Skin; the central main kettle hall will be restored in its original glory, but insulated for energy efficiency.

The Smart Skin is sometimes applied to the walls, floors or ceilings, depending on the needs and possibilities of the building’s new functions. Placed next to the existing walls, raised above the undulating old floors, or suspended from the existing structural frames. The Smart Skin offers a highly flexible, and easy to maintain prefab renovation solution.

The Smart Skin solution for the Carlsberg Experience Center has been developed in collaboration with the market leader in composite cladding solutions DuPont, and their Corian specialist SolidNed.



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